We will be alert to updates on how our church, along with other denominations

and volunteer organizations are assisting Texas, Florida, & Puerto Rico

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Disaster Assistance Team

     Fall reunion: Monday, Oct. 16, 1:00.  Bring a friend. 

          The disaster assistance team is one of our newer missions.  After learning from experts about some of the aspects of disaster work the group committed to preparing 15 clean up buckets.  The buckets will replenish the supply that was exhausted during last summer's disasters.  Funds for the items included in each bucket were raised from member's donations; as well as grant funds from the Florida Conferce UCC and the National Office UCC. The buckets will be stored in central Florida for use when needed.

                Please contact Connie Waidmann for more information .

Bucket packing event

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Pastor Ken shared a blessing  about the purpose

of our 15 clean up buckets.  They are now being

stored at a location in central Florida.  The buckets

 will be available, as needed, should disaster strike.

For more information about disaster assistance please

 click to the Church World Service link below.